Gorgeous Mediterranean home looking for a new owner

view through the gum trees
View through the gum trees

A beautiful Mediterranean style home is looking for new owners in the East Bay.

Thinking of moving up to the East Bay?  You will find this little gem nestled away from the rat race in a friendly farming community. It is close to local fruit merchants and walnut farms. You can even pick your own cherries. The local fruit stalls have fresh fruit grown where they are. The Brentwood markets on the weekend is a hot place to visit, with fresh vegetables and fruit also and while you are there pick up a burrito from La Costa, you won’t be disappointed. Ready for some more shopping or  maybe a movie? May as well pop down to the “Streets of Brentwood” where you will find Swarovski, clothing shops and restaurants. Across the road a Nob Hill supermarket with lots of other shops like Home Goods etc… go a little further up the 4 to Lone Tree Way and there’s the Home and Garden shops like Lowes and Home Depot or in need of a Trader Joes or a Peets Coffee. Happen to go Tracy you will find a Costco, a Westfield Shopping Center and a Home Depot. So many big box stores all around and we are talking 1/2 hour to each of them and you can even drive country roads to get to them, if you don’t want to travel with everyone else.

The house is situated equidistant from Livermore, Tracy and Brentwood in the outskirts of the town of Byron and equates to approximately 1/2 hour drive time to each of these cities. It is also located 8 miles from the town center of Discovery Bay where has a Safeway, a very popular Japanese restaurant, a McDonalds and a Starbucks and various services including several banks including the ECC bank which is a local farmers bank and a Chase Bank. With the new outlet shops in Dublin/Pleasanton and the Bart station there too it is quite an easy commute with several ways of getting there either via Mountain House Parkway, Vasco Rd to the Hwy 580.

Want to venture further afield and pop down to LA for the weekend. It is a short 5-6 hours drive with the choice of taking the I5 or the 99. What about a game of football or baseball, San Francisco is a 2 hour drive away or leave your car at the bart station and catch the train from Dublin/Pleasanton. And San Jose, well it is a 1 1/2 hour drive approximately. A favorite drive down into Silicon Valley is through the Old Altamont pass which glides alongside of the I 580, then keep on going down, Tesla/Livermore Rd’s pass the back of Livermore Laboratories and down the 84. This is a very pleasant drive down through the countryside passing by the Vineyards with names like Wente Vineyards before heading out onto the 580 to the 680. Of course you can get onto the 580 much earlier and that is just another choice. Another route is to just take Vasco to I 580.

This property has numerous young sapling Willow trees growing around the house and established tropical palm trees, Yucca’s, Olive trees and Gum trees. The house is the same color as the palm tree’s flowers and it is commonly referred to by the neighbors as the “Pumpkin House” with its bright carnival orange color which lifts ones spirits on any type of day.

The hall way from the two downstairs bedrooms, the dining room and kitchen have plenty of windows looking out to a courtyard which contains a tranquil pool for those hot days. This is a wonderful place to have breakfast or lunch, listening to the birds chattering and screened from the direct sun.

The house is skirted on two sides with a large overhang and verandah allowing the sun to warm the house in the winter and shading it in the summer.

The uninhibited sunsets towards the west are absolutely riveting and if you are an early bird you will love the sunrises.

If you are looking for a place that is brimming with wildlife in their natural environment you will love this place.

The gum trees on the perimeter of the property are huge and are a home for many varieties of birds and other forms of nature including the great Horned Owl and Doves.

Sitting on the verandah you will be mystified by the elegance of the gorgeous black birds of prey flying high in the sky. During the summer months if the grass is left to grow you will be delighted with the beautiful singing black birds with the red shoulders.

This is a wonderful place for families to congregate. It has plenty of space for young people to play on.

The chefs kitchen has a huge 48 inch DCS 6 burner cooktop with a griddle for making quesadillas, or eggs or girdle scones or what ever you can imagine, inset into a beautiful black granite counter top.

The GE Monogram Trivection double oven has a speed option on the upper oven. Cook your main dish in the top oven while the dessert or cookies are baking away in the bottom oven. Plenty of oven for large gatherings or for everyday meals.

This property is has many advantages including being separated from the next door neighbors by a canal.

If you love to watch extreme sports you will love sitting on the verandah on a Friday afternoon or Saturday with your favorite drink in hand and watch the parachutists jumping out of the skies.

On the odd occasion you will be blessed with the aerial pursuits of the famous Black Patriot Jets Team leaving for or returning from their aerobatic ventures. Sometimes they might even drop clouds of colored trails for you to awe at and all this from the comfort of your very own home.

The stained wood Pella windows on the ground floor give the visibility from within the house to sights all around.

The original owner who had the house built was Dr. Adrienne Applegarth. She was a not only a doctor of Physiology and Dean of Students at UCSF but continued on with her education in Psychoanalysis having her private practice in San Francisco. An all round lover herself of extreme sports this property enabled her to be close to one of her pursuits as a pilot. Her father was the famous Beaux Arts architect, George Adrian Applegarth who was “one of the most influential architects in post earthquake, San Francisco” one the homes he is noted for is the home of A.B. Spreckels.

The interior of this house has a wonderful library which wraps around the mezzanine floor above the living room. The architecture with the elevated wooden beams and the outdoor lamps upstairs makes it feel like you are outside. The wood burning fire place in the living room warms the place with the ambient flickers of light on those wintery days.

The rustic shed situated by the canal is capable storing many items and has its own power pole separate from the house. The current owners had a 50 amp plug put in to power an RV on the concrete pad beside it.

The second owner initiated upgrades to the downstairs which the current owners completed to code compliance. Some of the items that the current owners installed include new ducting and air conditioning systems, removal of storage water tanks and replaced with more energy efficient instant hot systems. New 100% wool carpet. Downstairs bathroom updated to blend with the newer style kitchen. Removal of the white vinyl windows and Anderson’s doors in the kitchen and replacing the entire downstairs windows and doors with the Pella doors which they felt were more in keeping with the style of the house.

The second owner built a motor cross track which could be turned into magnificent gardens or used as a practice track if so desired. This property could easily be converted to Olives, there are already Olive trees on the grounds which produce plentiful amounts of fruit. Grapes would also be suitable. One idea was to create a worm farm.

This property lends itself to many different uses and whomever purchases the property I am sure will be delighted with the amount of space.

The downstairs bedrooms are huge in fact the current owners had two queen size beds in one of the bedrooms.

Come out and see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

This very comfortable home is looking for the right owner who will treat it with the respect it deserves.

Quote: “He who hesitates is lost” ~ Author unknown.

Intrigued:  Click here to view a video of this unique home.

Better yet: Make an appoint with the agent to see this property for yourself.

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Reference: George Adrian Applegarth on this blog,


~ Muesli Cookie Recipe ~ Nom, Nom, Nom :-D

I made up my own Muesli for breakfast using Oats, unsweetened coconut, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, black chia seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, sliced almonds.
I then made these cookies.

I was pleased to read today that muesli is reported to be a good breakfast to eat for heart health.
I remember my mother who lived to be 84 making her own muesli, she had also read that it was good for the heart.

1 cup of muesli
1 cup of coconut
1 cup of oats
1/2 cup raw sugar
1/2 cup self raising flour (sifted)
1/4 cup of sesame seeds
1 tbsp honey
1 egg
6 oz (185g) butter (melted)

Combine muesli, coconut, oats, raw sugar, self-raising flour, sesame seeds together.
Make a well and add honey, egg, and butter.
Roll teaspoonful’s of mixture onto biscuit trays and flatten with a fork.
Let cool on trays.

Temp: Moderate (350F)
Time: 10-15 minutes or until lightly golden